Tableau Web Editor Training

Be up and running with Tableau in days, not weeks

1 day course, £295 per person

This Tableau web training course covers everything from connecting to data, through to creating beautiful working dashboards with a range of visualisations, all in one day.

Embedding Tableau into your organisation is key to getting engagment from within your organisation so everyone can see and feel the impact of the data and insights you create. Enabling web users to ask the follow-on questions of your data once they have gained insights from dashboards created by power users speeds up the process of insight to decision and action.

This 1 Day Tableau training course is aimed at non-analysts who will be using the web editor functionality within Tableau server or online.

This course includes the following topics:

  • Tableau ecosystem
  • The analytical flow
  • Terminology
  • Tableau server interface
  • Tableau web edit interface
  • Basic calculations
  • Basic data visualisations
  • Basic data science
  • Dashboard
  • Some fun visualisations
  • When to go back to a desktop user

Each attendee receives an extensive training manual which covers the theory, practical applications and use cases, exercises and solutions.

Tableau Web Editor Training schedule

Visit Visual DJ Ltd to see the Tableau Web Editor Training schedule. All Tableau Training is provided by a Tableau Qualified Associate expert.

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Tableau Foundation: This 2 Day Tableau Desktop Foundation course is aimed at someone who has not used Tableau in earnest and may be in a functional role, eg. in sales, marketing, finance, operations, business intelligence etc.

"The course was comprehensive covering all aspects of Tableau and providing confidence and a strong foundation for Tableau projects going forward."

Visual DJ

With over 25 years experience of turning data into actionable insights, Visual DJ delivers Tableau training to groups and individuals across the UK. Our Expert is a Tableau Qualified Associate who specialises in teaching Tableau skills to non-specialist professionals who are analysts, report writers or finance professionals. Learn more about Visual DJ.